Monday, October 18, 2010

What? More reviews? Sure!

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There's one from January magazine and one from Blacklisted. They both say something interesting about the book, and I thank both of them for that.

Blacklisted blog

January Magazine

I like very much that the Blacklisted reviewer said the characters are fuckups - because they are, but I guess I always felt that, like most of my characters, they're fuckups trying to act against their natures, which, paradoxically, fuck them up worse. And because I myself am a bit of a fuckup from time to time (and by 'from time to time' I mean, more accurately: 'almost constantly') and yet I persist under the belief I'm not such an awful person. And the January magazine review says that the writing has: "an innate humanity, as well, though it almost seems at times the author tries to hide that fact: festoon it with dark pathos and grind it beneath booted feet." Which I get, totally, and I see how people will see it that way but I'm finally coming round to the fact that that is just the way I write and, ultimately, a little bit how I see the world: I'm really not purposefully trying to grind my characters up, or the world they inhabit (although I can see how readers would feel this is so): it's more that I guess I see the world as a place that is randomly lovely and randomly twisted, and I do my very best to show as much of that as I can ... but perhaps I dwell too much on the twisted bits, or perhaps I just describe them more memorably, so that's what sticks in readers' heads. For awhile there I skewed away from that, and I think it got me into trouble; nowadays I like to think I write in such a way that the beauty is there to be seen if a reader wants to see it - if they don't, or if they feel it's crowded out by other aspects, well, I do understand that completely.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hey! Here are some things ...

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Maybe you want to read a review of Sarah Court? Maybe so! Read one here:

Sarah Court

Or, you want to read (one of the last few, as I'm soon going to be moving on to some other gig and it's unlikely I'll be required to write them there) some Top Bets, wherein I make fun of Michael Jackson, the Devil, wood sculptors, and kids' art? Of course you do!

Top Bets

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