Saturday, February 5, 2011

Has it been too long?

Hi all,

Yes ... yes it has. I do apologize, but I have so little to say lately. Anyway, here are a few things. One is an interview I was part of, with some insight (much as I'm able to conjure any) on the Jacques Audiard movie based on my stories. The interviewer was lovely but I may have left him with the impression that a film version is virtually guaranteed; it is not. Far from it. I read somewhere that 5% of all optioned books make it to the screen, so it's a big gauntlet to run. But the checks have cleared, so there's that upside. The article is mainly about BARNEY'S VERSION, which is a great book by a great writer and some people seem to dig the movie. I always like Giamatti, anyway.

herald article

... and also, this piece I wrote for the National Post. I was at a party before Christmas and ... well, anyway, it's in the piece. Thanks for Mark Medley for letting me write it.

National Post piece

All best, Craig.

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  1. I read your piece on writing this weekend. I howled at the line, " tiresome, nettlesome, burdensome, irksome shrew." As a writer (who makes a living at it, which by definition means I have to write some stuff purely for a paycheque), I have run into those types at cocktail parties. I have been accused of prostituting myself for money by writing "not purely for the love of writing," but let me assure you that the true working girls make more money than us writers do.

    Nope, I write because I really don't know how to do anything else (other than training hard to keep fit) and yes, someone has to pay the bills. And that's me.

    Oh, early in my career I actually worked at an university (writing and editing) and it was a soul sucking a job as I could imagine. Nah, put me out with the unwashed masses all trying to make a buck so their kids don't starve and they have access to high speed internet. I will take that world over the elitist ivory tower egg heads. I've written about everything from astrophysics to zoology and when baby needed new shoes, I cranked out some porn for certain online websites.

    Yup, I am making a living writing and living in the real world at the same time.

    Thanks for writing the article. I am sure more than one of us full time writers enjoyed the hell out of it.