Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Movie shoot underway---with pics!

Hello all,

A keen-eyed French reader sent this to me this morning. Thank you! It's in French so, like, if you can't read it then, well, that's your problem mon ami. Go get some French lessons at Montessouri! Moi, mon Francais est (strawberry) parfait! Aaaaaanyway, you can read it or just look at the pictures. Or you can send me a translation and I can post that, too. As for me, I might as well go for a soda. Nobody hurts, nobody cries. It's better than scandal, lord knows, and better than lies. If I seem a little rambling this morning it's because I tried a sample of crystal meth a friendly dealer slipped through the mail slot. Mmmmm-meth, it's called! Holy moly, it's got kick! Now excuse me while I disassemble this pile of pocket calculators.

Film stuff

All best, Craig.

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