Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rust and Bone—the soundtrack!

Hi all,

So this very talented fellow, Alexander Desplat, has "scored"—ie: written and selected the music—for Rust and Bone, along with Jacques Audiard. The soundtrack list is out, and I'm glad to see there's some Bon Iver on it. I really dig Bon Iver. I used to borrow my girlfriend's ipod to go jogging, and it was jammed with Bon Iver tunes. Now truthfully, they aren't always great jogging tunes—or they are provided your ambition is to slip into a narcoleptic coma, fall off the jogging trail and get eaten by coyotes.

But they're very haunting, melodic, I guess you could say "soaring" pieces of music. Bon Iver probably isn't to everyone's tastes, but who is? I mean, other than the Mini Pops; those high-toned munchkins are straight-up AWESOME for any ears, young or old or in-between. And the Bangles, too.

Anyway, the soundtrack is:

1. Musique d'Alexandre Desplat - 40mn
2. Bon Iver - Wash
3. John Cooper Clarke - Evidently Chickentown
4. The B-52's - Love Shack
5. Lykke Li - I follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)
6. Carte Blanche feat. Alexis Taylor - With you
7. Django Django - Firewater
8. Colin Stetson - The days I've missed you (Ilaij I)
9. Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I and II)

I admit, I haven't listened to a lot of these tunes. I'll admit further that I don't know who a lot of these musicians are—had they been covered by the Mini Pops, maybe, but as it stands no. But thank the good lord above (or whoever) for YouTube!
Below I've assembled some links to some of these songs. Give them a listen. If you like them, call up K-Tel records and say: "Get me the manager of the Mini Pops! I've got a song they need to cover in their syrupy-sweet mincy-weird baby voices!"

Colin Stetson — The Days I've Missed You

Bon Iver — The Wolves

... also, my favorite Bon Iver: Holocene

Here is the full list of songs:


And also, a few new clips from the film (with subtitles):


All best, Craig.


  1. In the fall of 2012 was honeymooning in the French Riviera (and in Antibes/Juan Lis Pins), where the movie was filmed. I kept hearing Lykke Li's I'll Follow Rivers, EVERYWEHRE. I'm from California and when first heard of L.L. a few years ago and when I met my husband her song "A Little Bit" reminded me of him and I would play it constantly. So it was so funny and sentimental to me that we would be honeymooning and another one of her songs would be everywhere and I was and am still obsessed with it. It is very haunting (so is the video). I still play it on repeat, 3 months later.

    To my surprise when I saw Rag & Bone a couple of weeks ago, I saw them walking into the club and heard the first few notes of the song. I was immediately taken right back to that time on our honeymoon. Amazing song, and I was so excited to hear it. Because it was probably really big in those parts when the movie was being filmed.