Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Random Sampling of Photos

Hello All,

Well, some of these are book covers, some movie posters, some photos from the Rust and Bone premiere night. A bit of a smorgasbord, you could say, making this something of a discombobulated post but whatever — I'm doing my best here, guys and gals! Or if not my best, a semi-noble attempt for a guy with a new baby in the house!

First off, the film was excellent. Saw it last Thursday. Brilliant. Nothing more to be said. Very cool to meet the director, screenwriter, and stars. Honestly couldn't have been a cooler experience for me. Want proof? Okay here are some pics.

The family, Colleen, and my cousin at the film.

Thomas Bidegain (screenwriter), red-haired fool, Matthias Schoenaerts (lead actor), Colleen.

The big galoot, Colleen, Marion Cotillard.

What else? Oh, the UK Rust and Bone poster, which is cool as hell.

And the UK re-release book cover, which is also very cool.

And the proposed UK cover for my next book, Cataract City. Also, yeah, cool!

So, that's all. Photo posts — the easiest, most effortless, laziest posts of all! I do promise to do a longwinded post about something of substance, someday!

All best, Craig.

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