Saturday, October 27, 2012

CBC's Fresh Air

Hello All,

Here's a link to an interview I did with Karen Gordon on the CBC's "Fresh Air" program. My thanks to Karen for having me on!


... I realize, listening to the first thirty seconds, that I have some kind of mild speech impediment—a bit of a lisp, maybe? Maybe I'm wrong. I don't want to insult anyone who has an actual lisp, if that's in any way possible. I don't want my saying, "I have a lisp," to sound like, say, if I sprained my ankle and said, "I've got a serious mobility issue." Because then someone with a real mobility issue would have every right to castigate me as a fraud and a fool. So maybe I don't have a lisp? But maybe a slight one. It's very tricky speaking into a microphone ... not brain-surgery tricky, but a little unnatural. Lips 6 inches from the mic, speaking not directly into it but across it, I was told, so my "p"s wouldn't pop. So that could be it, too. Maybe I don't know how to speak into a microphone? Which is why I was fired at my dream job as a rodeo announcer, sadly.

Also, if you want to read my profound writing tip, there's this:


... I outdid myself on this advice, writing my last book in 5 weeks. Beat that, Barbara Cartland! Of course, Barbara can't, being that she passed on in 2000, after a long life and prolific career. I find it's best to challenge deceased individuals—that way, I can't lose. I challenged Hemingway to a fistfight and the chicken-gutted coward couldn't rouse himself to meet my challenge! Ha! The worm! Also, I challenged Jonas Salk to a vaccine-off and, like a punk, he refused to take me up! Jonas Salk? HA! More like Jonas SULK, which is what he did after bowing to my superior vaccine-creating abilities!

Okay, enough nonsense.

All best, Craig.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Next Year's Book

Hello All,

Actually, it may not be out this early—in truth, I haven't even been able to start editing it yet. But I'll be hopeful and continue to believe that, possibly, we might hit this pub date!

Cataract City

Actually I now realize, having read the summation copy (as a rule, the writer doesn't write this copy and indeed, in this case I did not) I see that the boys are described as being united "by wrestling, go-karts, and metal bands"—and while it's admittedly been awhile since I wrote those childhood sections, and I'm writing different stuff and as such my mind isn't 100% clear on what I DID write, I'm pretty sure that while wrestling is very much a part of their lives and propels a chunk of the early narrative, they aren't into go-karts or metal bands ... I mean, hell, I love go-karts and still do, I guess (although that love has diminished slightly once I got my license and driving became something of a chore) and who doesn't love Ratt, Twisted Sister and Helix? But still, no, I don't think there's much in the narrative about either of those things. Unless I'm soon going to be approached by an editor who's like:

EDITOR: Davidson, we're liking the book but I'm not gonna lie—my colleagues and I think it's thin in two specific areas: go-karts and metal bands. Where are the go-karts, man? I'm reading the book, and I'm liking it, fine, it's fine, but I'm saying to myself: Why did this guy skimp on the go-kart angle? To be honest, it's a dreadful oversight and one that we think needs remedying before we go to war with this book. And another thing—where in blue hell are the metal bands? Metal bands are hot right now, Davidson—hot as firecrackers, I tell you! We need more metal, metal bands, and scenes involving rocking out hardcore to metal bands. All the kids are barmy about metal bands! More metal, Davidson! Metal up your ass! Get on it, now! The wrestling quotient is perfectly acceptable, though, you'll be pleased to know.

So, just in case anyone reads that description and says to themselves: FINALLY! A BOOK ABOUT MY TWO ABIDING PASSIONS—GO-KARTS AND METAL BANDS! And then you buy the book and read it with a sinking heart, realizing you'd been sold a greasy bag of goods, no go-karts and even less metal bands, and then, in a fit of outrage, you stalk me across the Atlantic and kill me in front of my loved ones, well, I want to stop that possibility in its tracks. I'm not saying there WON'T be any go-karts or metal bands in the book—I'm just saying that, as it stands, to the best of my recollection, there probably isn't enough in there for a real go-karting, metal-band-loving purist to pony up their hard-earned moolah on the book. So, like, caveat emptor.

All best, Craig.