Monday, February 4, 2013

An interview, Roger Ebert's Review, and some news

Hello All,

So, very quickly: here an interview from The Chronicle Herald, the newspaper of record in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My thanks to Megan Power for taking the time to ask the questions.

Chronicle Herald

Also, Roger Ebert reviewed "Rust and Bone." I was hoping he would. He's my favorite reviewer, likely of anything. I'm glad he enjoyed the movie and his review is very kind. There are those who say that Mr. Ebert has gone soft of late, lots of 4-star lauds, which may indeed be true but my feeling—as a person who's never been through a fraction of what he's been through the last few years—is that, hey, a person can go one of two ways after such life-changing circumstances as he's faced: become a total cynic or see the silver lining on every cloud. It seems that Mr. Ebert's gone the latter route, and that's pretty awesome.

Roger Ebert's Review

You will see that a certain someone (hint: me) chipped in in the comments. Also, if you haven't read Chris Jones' excellent piece on Mr. Ebert, you really might want to make the time:

Profile on Roger Ebert

In other news, a new short story collection, untitled at the moment, has been picked up by Doubleday. The stories all take place in the Cataract City universe—which admittedly is a small universe, we're not talking Middle Earth here, and most people reading this post haven't even read word one of anything that will transpire in this smallish (2 book) universe: Cataract City, the forthcoming novel, and now the collection. So anyway, it's Niagara Falls! That's where both books take place! Huzzah! I have set a few stories in Niagara Falls already; "Rocket Ride," for sure, and "The Rifleman" was St. Catharines, so close; plus most of Sarah Court took place in and around the area, and The Fighter was sort of set there too. So overall, it's the place where most of my stuff it set.

I don't know when the collection will be out. It's still a little up in the air when the novel will be out too. Anyway, after the novel. So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

All best, Craig.