Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Druid!

Hello All,

So I'm going to the Horror Writer's Weekend, the Stokers, in New Orleans in June. As some may know, I've written a few horror books under a nom de plume, and who knows? I may do so again. In any case, my lovely partner and I were thinking it'd be nice to go. We've got friends here in Toronto who we like a great deal who are going, and it's New Orleans, which is spooky and boozy and fun, and the hotel we're staying in is apparently haunted, and there's plenty of folks in the horror world that I've known informally for years but never met and my folks are coming to help with the baby, so it seemed like the thing to do.

But I had to sign up as an HWA member for the weekend; it's basically how you get into the event, the readings and signings and so on, and if you want to sign your own books, you need a membership to get into the dealer's room. Now I'm usually up for a hotel party or two, but it's rare that I spring for a membership at any Con. But in this case my publisher's got a whack of ARCs for me to sign and give away, so I had to get the membership.

The other day my publisher gets in touch and says: "Hey, dude, the HWA says you're not signed up. You need to buy a membership."

So I hunted through my email inbox and found the receipt for the membership, which I'd paid for last November. Curious, but certainly no big deal.

Today my publisher gets back and says: "Yeah, they checked and it turns out you're registered, but not as Craig Davidson. You were listed as 'The Druid.'"

I thought about it and realized that Colleen and I were goofing around as I'd signed up. The sign-up form asked how I'd like to be known on my nametag—which you have to wear around your neck at these things, letting everyone know who you are.

"Wouldn't it be great if I used another name entirely?" I said.

Colleen agreed and, in short order, I signed up as The Druid. It sounded fun to walk around New Orleans in my whiteboy clothes, not a goth-y stitch of clothing on me, the most inoffensive redheaded guy imaginable, with a nametag that read THE DRUID. How mysterious! I could be cooking up potions in the lobby bar bathroom, muttering incantations in the parking lot, whatever it is druids do.

Anyway, I totally forgot I'd done this, so it caused a fair amount of perplexity at first until they matched my credit card recepipt to THE DRUID.

It's still there, on the HWA membership roll call:

    Strand, Jeff , Tampa, Florida
    Sundquist, Aric , Marquette, MI
    Swanson, Stan , Largo, FL
    Taff, John F.D. , Eureka, Missouri
    Talley, Brett J. , Jasper, AL
    Templeton, Patty , Des Plaines, IL
    The Druid, Toronto, Ontario
    The_Seer_King, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire
    Tole, Pam, Yorktown Heights, NY
    Turzillo, Mary , Berea, OH
    Urbancik, John , Tallahassee, FL
    Vander Laenen, Jan , Brussels, Brussels
    Varnell, Kendall , Brandon, MS
So beware, all ye who attend the HWA weekend. THE DRUID lurks!

All best, Craig.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Some foreign book covers

Hi All,

Since the film, there has been a small swell of renewed interest in Rust and Bone. Here are a couple of foreign covers; interesting to see how publishers handle the same book, graphically.



All best, Craig.