Thursday, May 30, 2013


Hello all,

Here's a link to a short story, "Firebugs," recently published in The Walrus. It'll be part of a story collection, untitled as yet, coming out on the heels of Cataract City. For those interested, I've got another story from the same collection in the current issue of Agni called "Medium Tough." And another one, "The Vanishing Twin," will be in the summer issue of The Fiddlehead. All set in Niagara Falls, aka Cataract City.

I'd like to thank Nick Mount for accepting Firebugs, and making some really excellent edits. Also thanks to Sven Birkerts and Bill Pierce at Agni, and Gerard Beirne and Mark Jarman at The Fiddlehead for the same help. Also thanks to all The Walrus's factcheckers (I've never had a piece of fiction fact-checked, but it was a pleasant experience) and the sundry copyeditors and proofers who helped round these stories into publishable form.

I'll have a nonfiction piece next month in The Walrus. It's to do with Marineland, the embattled amusement park in Niagara Falls. That'll be in the July issue, so watch for it if you happen to give a damn.


All best, Craig.

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