Monday, June 17, 2013

Precious Cargo / The Marineland Dreamland

Hello All,

A few links for you. First, I was really fortunate to have an article I'm really fond of, Precious Cargo, get nominated for a National Magazine Award in the essay category. Wonder of wonders, it won. Which is a very lucky turn of events, and I'm really pleased it happened because, of all the nonfiction pieces I've written this one is the most dear to me.

So if you'd like to read it, the link is here:

Precious Cargo

Many thanks again to Kathe Lemon at Avenue for taking it, and helping me muscle it into shape.

Also, a new piece, "The Marineland Dreamland" is up at The Walrus. Many thanks to Amy McFarlane for working with me on it, and to Brad Dunne for fact-checking it. Of all the pieces that you can add to your tear-sheet as a fact-checker as evidence of your dedication and skill, this would be one. Thanks also to the Writer's Trust of Canada for its unexpected but very kind support of the piece.

The Marineland Dreamland

All best, Craig.

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