Friday, August 30, 2013

Media Appearances

Hello All,

So, you want to see me fumbling and stumbling on live TV, do you? Well, you've got a few chances over the coming weeks.

I was on Off The Record, a sports program, years ago. That was fun. Beyond that my TV appearances in North America have been rare, though I've been on TV in other countries, where writers tend to appear a little more often. I'm grateful to the Doubleday publicity department for convincing a few producers that I might make for an appealing segment. I will do my level best to be entertaining and only sweat a little.

Tuesday Sept 3, 8am or so: Canada AM, CTV

Wednesday Sept 4, 8am or so: The Morning Show, Global Television

Monday Sept 9, 8 am or so: CH Morning Live, CH TV

All best, Craig.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Real Smooth, Davidson ...

Hello All,

Well, isn't that always the way it happens? Right in time for the book release, just in time for the handful of TV appearances and photos ops, who goes out for a friendly game of basketball and gets his head split open by an accidental elbow?

That's right—this guy. Long night in Emerg—which, as an aside, is there a more saddening place on earth than an Emergency room at 2 o'clock in the morning? I was sitting in a little curtained stall beside some poor girl going through the DTs, who kept complaining about the young boy down the hall who wouldn't stop crying (he kept crying because his elbow had been dislocated, although his parents couldn't exactly explain how). I'm slumped there thinking: My dear, you're a heroin addict going through the DTs in an Emergency room with only the barest nod to personal privacy—it's a little much to take umbrage at a child crying because his elbow is twisted rudely out of joint.

Anyway, neither here nor there. Wounds heal, ladies dig scars, glory lasts forever. Of course there's very little glory to be had with a pickup basketball-related injury, but I might start telling people I got it wrestling a 'gator or getting in a wee bit of a dustup at a bar with some bouncer who looked at my cockeyed. Yeah, that's the ticket.

All best, Craig.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fall Books

Hello All,

Here's an article about some of the books coming out over the next few weeks here in Canada. There are some heavy, heavy hitters here. And then there's me! (read down a bit ...)


All best, Craig.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey, Are You Getting Into a Fight?

Hello All,

Well, as Cataract City's day of publication nears (September 3rd—yeah, I'm gonna repeat it ad nauseum; it's my dang blog, I can do as I please!) I've had a few emails from people wondering, quite directly, if I'll be getting my head, brisket, breadbasket, haunches, loins, and other anatomical extremities pummelled in some manner or another as a way to promote the book.

The answer, as it now stands—and sadly, for all you bloodyminded individuals—is no. The Fighter kind of ruined me for promotional craziness; those were some long months of training, boxing, recuperating from a beating, then training again, boxing again, and recuperating.

For those of you who aren't familiar with that bygone time in the life of your humble blogger, I was able to dredge up a few videos. I absolutely can't watch them, in the way that I wouldn't want to watch myself get thrashed by the schoolyard bullies back in elementary school—not that either of my opponents were bullies, I asked for the fights and got them (oh, did I ever ...). But for you, I gladly present them!



Then, of course, there were the steroid adventures, which I assumed would improve the book—a bit more participatory horseplay that I'm sure wrecked my body just a bit ...


... so anyhoooooo, I feel like that promotional foray was pretty intense. And another thing I learned, and my publishers too, is that sadly, putting needles in your bum and in funneling veterinary drugs or getting your face stove in will fill a room and attract a decent amount of attention, but it won't really compel anyone to buy the book you're trying to get people to read. Lesson learned!

Looking back, I'm still damn glad I did all that. It was a hell of a time and it actually helped me become a more dedicated person—because, crazy as those events were, they required a huge amount of training and, y'know, pushing myself places I didn't want to go. If the end result wasn't exactly what I was expecting, well, a great deal of life can be summed up that way, can't it?

Of course, with a precedent like that, some people have a hope/expectation that I might do something equally batty this time around. The book's set in Niagara Falls, so why not, say, go over the Falls in a barrel? That would be compelling, wouldn't it?

It would! But I'm not going to do it. I am a fuddy-duddy. I have a fiancee and a baby. I can't go around hurling myself over the Falls! Maybe it'll be a cozy wine-and-cheese kind of a thing ... it's unlikely a fistfight would break out there, and I wouldn't have to go to the hospital as a precautionary measure. That would be a treat.

So keep watching this space for news of any launch plans—so far it's pretty low-key, and I'm perfectly fine with that this time around. But things could always go sideways.

All best, Craig.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

They Arrived in The Fall ...

Hello All,

Here's an interesting project I participated in. 11 writers collaboratively tell a story. As one might expect, the results are a little wacky (but in a very good way, I think). Kudos to Mark Medley at the National Post for setting this up.

They Arrived in the Fall

All best, Craig.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Look what showed up from the publisher on Friday ...

Hi All,

Fresh off the presses. Nice looking book. A tiny bit rain-damaged, as the postman left it outside the door while we were gone and it rained overnight. Ah, well. Dig those deckled edges.

Now you can pre-order your own copy at any of the online retailers listed here:


Or don't do that, and hurt my feelings. Go ahead and do that, you big meanie.

All best, Craig.