Friday, August 30, 2013

Media Appearances

Hello All,

So, you want to see me fumbling and stumbling on live TV, do you? Well, you've got a few chances over the coming weeks.

I was on Off The Record, a sports program, years ago. That was fun. Beyond that my TV appearances in North America have been rare, though I've been on TV in other countries, where writers tend to appear a little more often. I'm grateful to the Doubleday publicity department for convincing a few producers that I might make for an appealing segment. I will do my level best to be entertaining and only sweat a little.

Tuesday Sept 3, 8am or so: Canada AM, CTV

Wednesday Sept 4, 8am or so: The Morning Show, Global Television

Monday Sept 9, 8 am or so: CH Morning Live, CH TV

All best, Craig.

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