Friday, September 20, 2013

According to the Internets, Paul Haggis is enjoying Cataract City—plus a CBC profile on the book

Hi All,

This was kindly passed on to me the other day. Mayhap I'd've missed it otherwise. If he does end up finishing it and liking it overall, it'd be a mutual admiration society kinda thing, as I've always enjoyed Mr. Haggis's work; The Black Donnellys was fantastic.


Also, you can watch me dipsy-doo on about the book, and read a little from it, in this CBC video:


And in other news: this looks a little creepy, but looks can be deceiving. Apparently it's about a pair of retirees who, uh, retire to a quiet little island in Florida (with pine trees—weird!) and come up with a great hot sauce recipe—hence the ribbons of hot sauce (not blood) on the cover. However, my German's shoddy so I may've gotten some of the translation wrong. But it sounds like a quaint feel-good book, really low-key, about relationships, getting old, and falling even more deeply in love. And hot sauce. Plus Stephen King blurbed it, so that's always cool.

All best, Craig.

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  1. RE: Das Camp - Ah Craig! Looks like you're fessin up to being Nick Cutter after all! I said this was your pseudonym waaaay back in July of this year. And I was right! When do I get my signed copy (in English!) as a prize!

    All the best