Monday, September 9, 2013


... for those of you who can't get enough of stammering gingers.


All best, Craig.


  1. Bought a copy of Cataract at Coles in Niagara Square today. Really enjoying the book so far.. Guess my living off Sodom in Chippawa does make a lil bias ;)

  2. Hey John,
    Hopefully you dig it. It's not a true accounting of Niagara Falls, of course, but y'know, it's some of my impressions mixed with events and places and whatnot that I needed to drive the plot along. But yeah, you'll find a few familiar sights and sounds in there I think.

  3. Hey Craig, After nursing the last few chapters, reading sparingly.. similar to what we do when enjoying a meal so much we go slow on the end, knowing once its finished, it will be difficult to find another as enjoyable.. I JUST finished the book... Yup.. in a nutshell.. Love Cataract City... and the book not so bad either.. :) Kidding.. Loved the book! Great work.. I enjoyed every paragraph..
    There is something spiritually unique about Niagara Falls.. Its natural and in some places, almost isolate beauty, contrasted by mans assertive presence at Clifton Hills and the quirky skyline.. The most beautiful aspect of the Cataract's (i find anyhow) is its people.. you said it best.. "But I think people can be more beautiful for being broken"..
    Absolutely enjoyed the book.. +1 in the Fan section!