Friday, October 11, 2013

Uses for Giller Invite

Hello All,

The Giller invite showed up today. Tres classy. Wrapped up in a red ribbon, which we put to good use on our son, forevermore known as Sensei Nick.

Here he is in full battle mode, with the Giller invite ribbon as a headband. He vows to defeat the evil Cobra Kai. The outfit, which my fiancee tells me is a disaster, was put together by my father and I. Never leave two men alone to dress a child ... and expect the outfit to look half-decent, at least. And by "two men," I really mean, "my father and I."

This is Sensei Nick after a long, Bloodsport-like event, ridding the world of evildoers—the Chong Li's of this earth. After that, a baby needs a stiff drink (to all Child Social Services workers who may read this: we didn't give him the drink).

I know you're all gonna be pleased with this post, because I know that's what you come to this blog to find: baby pictures. Well, today you're in luck!

All best, Craig.

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