Monday, November 11, 2013

Giller Photos

Hello All,

Want to see all the fun and frivolity and razzamatazz that surrounds a swank event such as the Giller Prize ceremony? Well, too bad—I'm not the type to pose and tell!

Hah! Who am I kidding? Of course I am. I didn't have a camera on hand, because I'm a piss-poor planner, but there were Iphones and such aplenty, so treat yourself to some cellphone camera pics snapped by friends at the gala.

1. (R to L): Big Goofy Dude; Goofy Dude's Incredibly Hot and Elegant Fiancee.

2. (R to L): Superstar Editor Lynn Henry; Superlative Agent Kirby Kim; aforementioned Big Goofy Dude, just taking up space.

 3. (R to L): Goofy Dude and Superlative Agent, with a cool Iphone patina added.

4. (R to ): Big Goofy Dude and Hollywood Director Paul Haggis exchange witty banter (his side of it was witty, anyway).

All best, Craig.

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