Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Wormhole / The Great Grape Pop Robber

Hello All,

Please find following a link to my essay, or "Ryeberg" in this case, called The Wormhole.

When I went to Banff as a part of the Wordfest festivities, I was approached by the ever-cool Erik Rutherford, curator of the Ryeberg series, and asked if I wanted to put together something for the event. I joined Andrew Pyper, DW Wilson, and Joanna Kavenna for an afternoon of Rybergs—which are essays accompanied by video clips, put together by Erik. It's a very cool concept and it was a very cool event, and I was happy to be a part of it.

As you might suspect, my contribution was a bit ... odd. You can hunt around the site, if you'd like, and find other great essays by some fantastic writers.


Also while I was at Wordfest, the lovely Maria Turner asked me to tell a story for her Carte Blanche "This Really Happened" reading series. I joined Michael Winter, Todd Babiak, Lisa Moore and Ophira Eisenberg. If you want to hear an audio recording of my scintillating, earth-scorching performance (because, y'know, I'm totally known for my verbal storytelling, scat poetry, and things of that nature ...) then feel free to check it out, too.


All best, Craig.

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