Thursday, January 23, 2014

Come on, Guys!

Hello All,

Well, this post is a little insidery, really maybe only of interest to people who really know me and my odd ways. What you may not know about me is that I've got kind of a peculiar voice. That has bearing on this post. And beyond that, I've kind of got an aw-shucks personality, kinda Opie-ish you could even say (if you're of an age to understand that reference). So as a result, friends of mine have enjoyed immitating me, my voice and mannerisms, for years. Of course, not ME-me, not in the sense of it being a perfect impersonation—more in the way a boardwalk caricature artist captures a subject. So, like, totally overblown. Which I find hilarious and others do as well.

The funny thing is that this impression has been adopted by different sets of friends over time—the exact same impression, almost to a tee—and those people have no knowledge of each other. It's not like one group started it, someone in the other group heard it, and it sort of spread virally from one group to the other. My high school friends don't really know my university friends, who don't know the group that I hang out with now and who've adopted it the impersonation now ... I must just be one of those people who make for a funny and pretty easy impression.

The impression portrays me as a gormless, funloving kind of rube whose hayseed mannerisms and old-timey sayings give great delight to all and sundry. It's as if I'm possessed by the spirit of Gomer Pyle, maybe, but with an even more antiquated vocabulary. And when I get riled, it's in the most ineffective and pathetic of ways. So the impression often involves sayings such as:

"Well golly gosh gee-whiz guys, you've got me all aflutter!"


"Do me a solid and buzz the heck off!"


"Oooooh, you guys got me so dang mad I'm hopping like a bug in a pan!"


"Your monkeyshines make me feel about as low as a rattlesnake's belly in a wagon-wheel rut, guys!"

... but the classic line, the showstopper, is the simplest and shortest one. It's just:

"Awwww, come on guys!"

This line is uttered (often by me, impersonating my own impersonation, after I've been taking it in the ribs for awhile) as a sad, drawn-out lamentation. Me, a put-upon everyman, suffering slings and arrows at the hands of my callous pals. It's a sad and pitiable attempt to get them to just lay off, good golly good heck.

Anyway, today I thought I'd see if my son, the esteemable Nicholas Davidson, could do the "Craig Impersonation." He's a sponge right now. Anything his mother or I say, he's liable to parrot back. So we've had to keep our salty language in check lately. Here's his attempt:

Not too shabby.

All best, Craig.

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