Monday, September 29, 2014

The Best American Short Stories 2014

Hello All,

Got me a story in this here anthology. "Medium Tough," published in AGNI. Thanks to those editors who took it, and a big thanks to Jennifer Egan who selected it. Big shock. Big honor for me. Go on and go buy it, now, because there's some mighty fine tales in it.


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

French Interview

Hello All,

There's this little woodpecker that's trying to make a home in the stucco of our house. It's a cute little sucker but we've had problems with them before. They drill into the stucco and start living there in a little hole, which I guess is okay; we can share our house with some wildlife, so long as they're living in the lining of the house. But then the squirrels come along and go "Oh, a hole! I can live here!" So they boot the little woodpecker family out and tear a much bigger hole, ripping into the guts of the house and probably having little squirrel communities in our attic. We had to have these wildlife people come by and seal up all the holes in our stucco. Which wasn't cheap. But that's not really the point.

Anyway, I don't want to hurt the little woodpecker, but I don't really want it—and soon, squirrels—living in the stucco again, having squirrel parties or squirrel orgies for all I know. So I sprayed the hose up there and shooed it off. It came back. I sprayed again. We've been doing it all day. I know it's there because I can hear it knocking on the stucco with its beak as I sit writing. I kind of want to just let it live here. Why not? It's a persistent bugger. But I'm not sure if it's got the stuff, the GUTS, to fend off a squirrel when it comes invading. So we'll see.

Here's an interview I did last week in France. It's ... well, it's an interview. I've done a few of them. Maybe I covered some new ground here, mayhap not. Really can't remember anymore.



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