Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Whoa! Been a long time since I updated this thing. Apologies---not really, as I don't imagine many people are checking here daily to say, "It's been 6 months, but maybe today---a post!"

Still, sorry. Thought I would make a quick post to tell people that my new book, Precious Cargo, a memoir about a year I spent driving a school bus, will be out in April. If you look around on the interwebs you'll see May 17 as the date, but it's been moved up. So.

Here's the cover:

And here are some illustrations that will accompany the text; there's a book-within-a-book aspect to Precious Cargo, and these are the depictions of those fictional characters. The Seekers.

These were done by Canadian comics artist Adam Gorham, who also provided illustrations for Nick Cutter's upcoming book, Little Heaven. He's excellent. You should go check out his website:

Here are some online links to go preorder Precious Cargo, if'n you please. And if you are an Ontario/Canadian resident, keep an eye out for places I might be reading---there are a couple upcoming events over the next few months, if you're interested!

All best, Craig.


  1. Craig, I was given your "Precious Cargo" by a friend, haven't finished it yet, but couldn't not tell you how parallel our stories are. I had the great good fortune in my bus driving "carrer" to drive special needs children for 4 years. Best years of driving for me ! Not only did I love those kids, I learned so much from them. I even had a senior high school student named "Jake" in an electric chair who went on to college after we parted and with whom I am still in touch. I have "retired" from driving now and miss it (except maybe winter) far more than my professional career in health care. Thanks for the memories and the laughs; there were lots of those.

  2. For part of my early grade education I was precious cargo on a short bus. I have dyslexia and at a young age I had to go out of my home school district to another district that had special education classes.
    I can relate to being on a bus where the driver did not want the students to talk. Mr. Hall wanted us to be quiet but we talk any ways. My Mr. Hall is not to be confuse with his twin brother who had a moustashe and also drove a school bus. Me and my bus mates always imagine Mr. hall with a moustashe was really mean.
    The reason I enjoyed your book so much was not because I had to ride a short bus but because I have been a special education teacher for nearly thirty years. I have seen many special need students the way you describe them as caring, emotional, interesting and fun.
    When ever I have to be away from my LSS class I tell my students," I expect to get a note from the sub how great my students are." I usually come back to a note staying my students are great and a lot of fun. the note also state how the sub wants to come back to my class some day.
    It is my hope that Precious Cargo is on the reading list for EAs and teachers in training. I also hope many current educators read your book too. Thank you for writing this gem.
    Wayne McFarlane