Thursday, July 21, 2016


Hello All,

In case anyone's gonna be around these festivals or cons in the fall months, I thought I'd post some tentative (or ironclad) dates. Also will be in L.A. in mid-September, but no readings planned.

September 19 – TORONTO – Bonnie Stern Book Club

September 23 — TORONTO — Nutshell Launch (Ian McEwan): readings hosted by Dave Bidini
September 25 – TORONTO – Word on the Street
September 30 – WINNIPEG – Thin Air Festival
October 6 — 9 — NY — NY Comic Con (as Nick Cutter)
Dates TBC – CALGARY – WordFest

October 15 – 16 – WHISTLER – Whistler Writers Festival

October 19 — EDMONTON — Litfest

October 21 – 23 – VANCOUVER – Vancouver International Writers Festival
November 4 – 6 – WINDSOR – Windsor Writers Festival
November 14 – GRIMSBY – Grimsby Author Series

More dates if and when they present themselves.

All best, Craig.


  1. Hey Craig, We have book club in Medicine Hat and we are currently reading The Fighter and I am loving it. Six of us guys get together once a month and have a few scotch at a local pub. We call it the BS club (book and scotch). Any chance you would be willing to drive down the number 1 for an evening and surprise my mates while we discuss your book? you can email me at if a couple hours of good chat with a diverse group of guys intrigues you.

    1. Hey Richard, Would love to, but I live in Toronto and I'm back now so that's a bit of a haul for me!

    2. Just seen this reply, thank you for responding! Loved the book and I am going to definitely check out your other books.

      Because of the crazy January, we are meeting in the next couple weeks if you happen to be out this way, drop me a line.

      Otherwise, take care and thanks for for the journey!

  2. Hey Craig, sorry to message you on here but I wasn't able to find your email anywhere. I loved The Troop so much. I can't find another horror story as powerful (even Little Heaven). In short, thank you! Thank you for creating the first book that could make me cringe.

    -Chris Cadden

  3. Saw you at The Canadian Authors' Series in Port Colborne last year and you were fabulous!! I loved Precious Cargo so much that I am "presenting" it for discussion, in December, at a book club I just joined in London, Ontario. Any update on you or Jake would be appreciated! In any case...your ears will be burning on the third Monday in December!! Thanks!

  4. Sorry to hit ya up here, I know you have a pen name for a reason... But then again ur dealing with horror fans, who are like dogs with a bone. Picked up "The Deep" about a year ago, have read it twice now, and just finished reading "The Troop." Looking forward to reading Little Heaven.. Obviously "The Troop" is fresh in my mind, and it was visceral and extremely entertaining.. I really think it would work great as a feature film. I had a really clear mental picture of all these boys, and can especially picture a cruel, tormenting Shelley gracing the screen if done right by the right actor.. But of the two books, "The Deep" was the one that got to me slightly more.. First piece of media to give me a nightmare in I don't how long. Thank you, for giving me something to be afraid of for at least a little while. Plus I enjoy your personal writing style, the descriptions man..damn... Will be looking out for other writing under your real name. Best of luck in your life and career - Molly T.